Our little Bulgarian life

Hello again from Bulgaria!

We finally received our approval! Yay hooray! We had so many people praying for us and rooting for us over the last few weeks it is overwhelming. Thank you everyone for your support and kind words ❤

We are waiting for details from our Bulgarian agency regarding when we will be allowed to pick up Siobhan but I am not about to wait much longer! Thankfully they replied to our message about the immigration paperwork right away so we shouldn’t have any further issues. *knock knock*

So what have we been doing you ask? Going for walks and just generally hanging out. We have an apartment here so that we can make our own meals and do laundry. We have caught up on a lot of the Discovery channel and Animal Planet because there are precious few channels in English :p

We have walked by the orphanage almost every day and sometimes you can even hear the babies. I complained that there were no benches in the area but Jason, ever the voice of reason, suggested that they may not want crazies stalking the children. Fair enough.

Burgas is more of a beach town, so there is not much for other attractions or historical sites. The main thing to do is stroll in the “Sea Garden” which is a huge park that follows the black see and runs almost the length of the town.

Everything is very affordable here, and in making our own meals we only spend around 30 lev per day on food and drink. That’s around $22 CAD per day. Not bad at all!

Hear are some pictures of the park, a couple of nice buildings, and some typical Bulgarian housing.





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