The Daily Grind

Well we have been home with Siobhan for nearly one month! It has been very crazy but overall the adjustment is going well. This is going to be a boring post about general health and development problems. Feel free to skip it and tune in to my next one (hopefully tomorrow!) about milestones and fun stuff!

Unfortunately, we spent New Years Eve in hospital with her because she was vomiting and in pain. When we got there she had already finished her pukies and seemed totally fine (of course!) Thanks to a nice nurse who read her medical history we got bumped to a private room for a thorough examination anyway. The Dr. was awesome and ordered blood tests (not so nice), an IV (HA! Try getting an IV into a 4 year old that weighs 17 lbs. We still have no proof that she actually operates on a vein system), and X-rays. They kept us all night long to see the on-call paediatrician who ordered more blood (seriously??) and took us on as his very own patient! They asked to admit us for a few days, to which we kindly declined and were given 100 office appointments instead. Can I just say that I love our health care system? I’m not being sarcastic! Due to our one blitz in emerg, we got appointments with a dietician, paediatrician, PT/OT/ST, and got all of our blood tests, x rays and ultrasounds. The best part is that they call us to set it up! They even called and asked if we wanted to bus her to preschool every day! (No.)

In the end she has an infection that they gave us antibiotics for. So no harm done and we bypassed a bit of medical services red tape.

Feeding has been our most challenging area of all. When you adopt from an institution you know in addition to all the medical issues you check the box on, you will also have the gamut of developmental challenges. These have BY FAR been much more exhausting than any of her medical issues. Her medical needs are always there, but daily management isn’t bad. So go ahead! Adopt a kid with scary medical problems! (Is basically what I’m saying)

Siobhan does not eat solids. Siobhan will eat purees. Siobhan will not eat ALL purees. Siobhan will eat fruit and sweet vegetable purees. Siobhan will not eat any little lumps. Siobhan will occasionally refuse green foods on Tuesdays or snack if its the same as breakfast (except on days when this is totally acceptable of course.) We mix her food with yogurt and toddler formula to get her the protein she needs. Before you suggest Pediasure, she will only drink it when she decides it tastes good. Typically she will not drink anything besides apple or white grape juice. Once in a while she will have a day where water is okay. A major downside to adopting kids that have never been fed or watered properly, is that THEY WILL OUTLAST YOU. Think she’ll eat or drink anything if she gets hungry or thirsty enough? Nope. I’m not entirely convinced she knows that eating fixes the hungry feeling, I don’t think she has put it together yet. Therefore, she is invincible. We are working on it, showing her food in all of its stages from whole to mashed. Begging her to lick things. When I find something that works I will share with the world! So far the best I’ve done is squeezed the juice from a grape into her mouth (originally by way of her sucky thumb.)

Annnnnd….that’s about it! She sleeps a full 12 hours a night, so at least we are both well rested for our spoon fights. The rest of our life is basically staying at home, handing her things that she chirps for, and just generally being a mess! Oh..and appointments of course!

I’ll update you shortly on milestones and rewarding things! We are also brewing up some life changes so I will keep you posted on exciting new things for the Klassens!



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