One Month(ish) Home

I’m way late posting about our one month. Whoopsies!

We are doing great! Some days are angry days for no apparent reason, but all in all Siobhan has been adjusting well. When you prepare for the worst there aren’t too many surprises!

How is her development?

Lots of people seem to think that her delays are due to an underlying condition. It is true that she has some medical conditions, but as far as we know they do not affect her motor skills or cognitive ability. Her delays are pretty typical of orphanage life. Children left without stimulation simply cannot develop.

So what’s new?

When we picked her up on Nov 30th she was not able to sit unassisted. She would stand and walk if you held her hands, but she would not stand against anything but herself. She can now sit and stand unassisted! One day after her one month home she also took her first steps between Jason and I. She has learned a few words: wow, uh-oh, Dad-Dad, good girl, and glasses. She also signs for please, thank you, all done, and gentle. (She already said Mama, but we’re pretty sure she learned it as part of a swear because she mostly yells it whilst tantering.) She gives kisses and hugs! ❤

Her understanding of English has far exceeded our expectations. It’s already been a few weeks since we realized she understood 90% of what we were saying.

Sadly because she was sick and vomiting for a lot of the first month, she hasn’t gained much weight, somewhere between 1 and 2.5 pounds. She still only weighs 18.1 lbs, but I see the bright side every time I have to carry her through a store!

That’s about it! I’ll save anything else new for her second month home so it can all be accurate.




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