Taiwan Xi En

A couple nights ago I was invited to hear the founder of Taiwan Xi En, a Taiwanese orphanage, speak at our local Down Syndrome Society. I live for these kind of events! I always go in wary, because there are already so many countries on my radar to adopt from. (I have a many-year plan)


I heard from Holly their founder and also from a Saskatchewan couple who had adopted their daughter from the orphanage and then decided to sell their home, leave everything, and go to the orphanage in Taiwan! They now also have a son from that orphanage. (I think that was the order, they may have had the son before they moved) They live in the basement of the orphanage and just do whatever they can to help out. They seemed like a really cool family and I admire their free spiritedness.

Taiwan Xi En takes babies 0-2 and tries to keep the environment as much like a family as possible. I was really struck by the fact that unless a volunteer is staying longer term that they can’t help with the babies, because they don’t want to disrupt attachment! That’s amazing! It would be awesome if more government run facilities were able to have this philosophy. It’s so much more important to set a child up for healthy relationships than it is to gratify volunteers.

You can read more about Taiwan Xi En here. You can also follow them on Instagram @taiwanxien. They are fundraising for a new building, so that they will be able to take more than 14 babies (their current limit.) You can donate through their website.

For prospective adoptive parents: Taiwan is a non-Hague country. Adoptions are possible, but many agencies are no longer accepting applicants for the Taiwan program due to a change in the licensing requirements on the Taiwan side. Adoptions have slowed to the point of a near shut down. I did a quick search of the usual agencies in Canada and I found that Sunrise in BC has a Taiwan program. You can follow the link here to view the program’s requirements. They are the only one that I found, but ask around 🙂


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