Our Family Day


It has been just over a year now since we picked up little Siobhan from her orphanage in Bulgaria. November 30th was the actual anniversary of busting her out, and Dec 14th the anniversary of arriving home on Canadian soil! I had wanted to post something sooner, but I was hoping to take family pictures and we have been so sick here for weeks now with two different flu bugs! Sadly, there are still no family photos so I’m forging ahead because better late than never, and soon it WILL be never.

Thankfully our few better-ish days fell on the anniversary so we still got to do some fun things. The morning of our family day Jason was working so it was just Siobhan and I. We went to see an underwater IMAX film that we both really enjoyed. It was her first ever movie and she did really well, but they didn’t have kids glasses so the poor love got frustrated and enjoyed the 3D movie without (as much as one could! Hello wiggly lines!) In the evening we went for Vietnamese (I know what you’re thinking, but good luck finding a Bulgarian restaurant) and to see Moana. Jason had really wanted to see that one, so yes, we went to her first and second theatre movies in the same day. Whoops!





Cool chick at IMAX
Silly Bulgarian out for Vietnamese

 (Sorry about the pictures, my site is freaking out when I’m trying to move them around, so they will just stay in a weird list for this post)

That weekend was Disney on Ice which she LOVED. I was actually pleasantly surprised as well. If you ever think of going to “tough it out for the kids” it was pretty enjoyable. She of course insisted on bringing her “Babies” from home, in this case an empty balloon and half a toy onion.


After Disney on Ice (yes that’s a new Ariel necklace #Daddydontbudget)

I was going to put some year over year stats and pictures in here, but I’ll save that for next time!



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