Feeding Therapy – Part 2

Well the holidays are now over and its a new year! It is only fitting that we started 2017 – ACTUALLY GETTING THERAPY! Yay!

We had our first OT appointment this week which I began with a bit of a fit over not having seen them before. I think they could see Mama was at the end of her rope, so it sounds like we will be having weekly services now. We also got called back to PT already when our first appointment was only last month, so that is promising as well.

I’m going to blog after my OT sessions here so that you can follow along with your own little monsters! It is so frustrating that there isn’t more help on the internet.

Session 1:

Started the session with a vanilla pudding, one of her usual acceptable foods. She ate a little bit by spoon before we got to work.

Veggie Straws

The OT first tried asking her to brush her teeth with the straws. If this works for you, awesome! It did not work for us and was refused.

She scaled back to “counting teeth.” First we had to count Mommy’s teeth, tapping the straw on each tooth. Then S allowed me to count her teeth, tapping the veggie straw on each tooth. Then she tried blowing through the straw. Now we were okay to proceed with “brushing” her teeth and it was tolerated. This alone is pretty huge for us to get a crunchy food into her mouth, particularly near the molars.

Next the OT told S she could make noises with the veggie straw and tried to show her by making a loud crunch with her molars. Of course this did not fly, because that’s quite a leap. OT explained that if you bite too much, you can simply take it out. She illustrated by making a large crunch and then taking the pieces out. S never did bite with her molars so we scaled back to holding the straw in Mommy’s teeth and letting her pull it out. She eventually agreed to hold it in her front teeth while I pulled it out, and she did try a little nibble at one point. The goal here would be to get your child to bite with their molars, or hold in their molars.

We moved on to dipping the straw in pudding and sucking it off. By this time the veggie straw is pretty soft, so a more adventurous baby could probably try eating a bit at this point.

Arrowroot cookies

The OT asked if I had ever tried adding crumbs to her regular food, which truthfully I have not! In all my creativity this never occurred to me!

She started by putting an arrowroot cookie into a ziploc bag and letting S help her crunch it up by driving a truck over it to make “fairy dust.” She tried adding a few crumbs to her pudding, which was refused “Oh no! bumps!” Then the OT tried getting S to lick her finger, dip in the crumbs, and suck off. Also refused. Eventually S agreed to dip a dry finger into the dust and touch it to her lips, where she did lick a couple off. She said it was yummy so that’s a start! If we had a little more time the OT would have asked her to dip some cookie bits in the pudding but our appointment was over!

I hope you will find these posts helpful for your kids with oral motor delays!



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