Then & Now – What Adoption Does!

Here are just some stats and pictures from the last year and a bit that really show how life in a family makes all the difference.

12/30/15 (approx.)

Age: 4 yrs 5 months

Height: 29 Inches – approx. 73 cm

Weight: 15 lbs

Speech: Non-verbal (Not entirely true, she had one word “Mama” which would have been very sweet, had it not clearly been hurled around as a swear. Evidently she picked up on the “yo mama” naughty language of Bulgaria)

Motor: Can’t roll over, Not sitting/standing/walking unassisted

Diet: Purees


Age: 5 yrs 4.5 months

Weight: 23 lbs

Speech: 3 to 4 yr level

Motor: Can roll over, sitting/standing/walking unassisted! Still needs help with some transitions, like pull to stand. Needs help for stairs and climbing on/off some things.

Diet: Purees (You can’t have everything :p )

“Pics! Pics!” you exclaim! Alright, alright.

Referral: (Approx Jan 2015 – 3 yrs old)


Home one month: (January 2016 – 4 yrs old)


Now – Christmas 2016 – 5 years old


I think the biggest difference is easily her demeanor. On our whole trip 1 she never smiled or laughed. I don’t think we got a true sense of her personality until a few months ago (other than being a diva, that is clearly forever and always.) She has become a very funny, imaginative, and even empathetic little girl. She is still exhausting because girlfriend Does. Not. Stop. She has years of exploration to catch up on! When she says her name she pronounces it “Shih-wonn” so now whenever I think about the little human she is, all I can think is “Oh Shih-wonn…” Mama’s tired. Mama’s so so tired.


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