I’m sad that I haven’t posted anything in my DIY section in forevsies! I guess it will be home for fundraising projects now.

My friend and I have been doing a valentine fundraiser together (loosely together, she definitely took charge and I shut-upped and scissored.) If you’re looking for an adoption fundraiser this has been a much MUCH bigger success than we had anticipated. We ordered some cute templates off Etsy and got to crafting. If you have an artsy friend you could even have them design something for you.


This fundraiser was really good if you sell a LOT of Valentines because the ink and cardstock can be kind of a pricey initial investment. We sold enough that I have to go buy my third cartridge, so it was definitely a success!

I’m also making party packs for Baba Marta on March 1st. Baba Marta is a Bulgarian holiday about ushering in spring. The party pack is some traditional string bracelets, a Baba Marta banner, martenitsas, a few paper doilies for the table, stork and swallow templates for kids to photocopy (or just fold the one provided), a few recipes, and a printout about the tradition. The banner is BY FAR the most work because I have been stencilling every letter. How does this help you fundraise? This idea can easily be turned into a party pack for a Chinese or Indian holiday! All it takes is an obscure holiday and some fun traditional items.

I’ve really managed to let go of my angst about fundraising this time! Last time we only fundraised at the very end because 1.) a friend kind of did it for us, and 2.) we were desperate and caught off guard by how soon our court date was. This time I realize that it doesn’t matter if people think its tacky, or think we shouldn’t adopt if we can’t save the money. Realistically that would mean we would never adopt. Let’s face it, its easier to pay for things bit by bit than it is to save 35-45k. We are still doing our absolute best to pay for things, but there’s a child out there waiting for a family, so I can be a little uncomfortable for long term gain. If you are someone who has contributed to either of our adoptions, THANK YOU! This Mama can wake up a little less throughout the night because she knows now that her friends and family are supportive!


One thought on “Fundraising

  1. Love the idea of using martenitza to raise funds for a Bulgarian adoption. I wonder if you might have an easier time if you order a pre-inked stamp from your local office supply store rather than individually stenciling letters.


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