Beginning the trek home!

Today we said Ciao to Bulgaria and began the journey home! It’s always a long trip to and from Bulgaria because there are no direct flights. We’ve taken advantage this time and are staying an extra night in London to do some sightseeing! I have been a few times but never for too long, because it’s generally been a hub for other trips. (Including our two adoption trips) My friend J who we are travelling with has never done the big sights so I am excited to see them again with fresh eyes. Hopefully the babies do okay!

Over the last few days we spent one night in Burgas and two in Sofia. Burgas, as you probably know, is Siobhan’s hometown.

We had a crepe in a freezing cold “cafe” (more like a food stall but it did have a couple chairs inside) then we sent our package and got on our way!

In Sofia we had an apartment near Vitosha, the main pedestrian area, and we did some strolling and took some pictures.

Some Sofia photos – Click for captions

The first time I was in Sofia I hated it. It was nearly 40 degrees Celsius, nowhere we went accepted cards, and people were rude. The next trip was better: the weather was cooler, we had more time to spend, and we found the better areas. This time I feel like I can say that I actually love the city! It’s has a vibe similar to Lisbon, or a Soviet Vienna. The transit is nay dobre, but thankfully cabs are inexpensive. Food is cheap but pizza does get a little old. It’s probably the only place that I can afford a Caprese salad before each dinner!

If you visit Sofia, and you are angry that I said it was anything like Vienna, I feel you! But give it a couple more times before you send hate mail!


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