The Nitty Gritty of Adoption Expenses & A New Fundraiser

Okay! Part 2 from yesterday. Last time we adopted I really, super, did NOT keep track. I did not WANT to keep track. Because its owie, and insane, and one day I would like to retire and its against my very nature to ignore that fact right now.

So this time! Everything has been slightly more condensed. Second time around you do not need to complete the adoption training, you also only really need one home visit to “update” your homestudy. We were able to schedule this homestudy at the same time as our next post placement report so that saved us some time and mileage (you pay the social worker’s mileage.)

In our area you need to hire a local agency for your homestudy and a second agency to “coordinate” with the country you are pursuing. Many people call the second agency their placing agency, it really doesn’t matter, they get paid no matter what you call them. I just need to add this so you can see how some fees are duplicated.

Application to homestudy agency: $400

Medicals: $40 (This was A STEAL. My Dr. is the best! He charged us the smallest amount they could. Last time our medicals put us out $500 and then another $250 when they needed to be updated)

Police checks: I already forget… $100?

Courier fees: $20

1st Homestudy fee (prior to visit): $1000

Application to placing agency: $621

Placing agency service agreement fee: $2771

More courier fees: $50

Total thus far: $5,002

Not listed: random photocopying, some regular mail, probably more courier fees and other little things I forgot.

Due this week:

2nd Homestudy fee (due after completion): $1400

Next steps:

Schedule fingerprinting.

This is additional to police and intervention checks, these fingerprints get checked against Interpol and are digitally sent to our placing agency. The first police checks are only for our homestudy agency. These prints should be done as close to the compilation of the dossier as possible, because they expire in 6 months and will already need to be updated before the adoption is done. We would like to not do them three times, so that’s why we wait until the homestudy is being approved! The medical is the same, it expires in 6 months, but since a separate medical form is required for each agency, we already did this to avoid making two appointments only a month apart, and then we were only charged one fee for two forms (Because Dr. Andrew is awesome.) Rolling the dice! Hopefully this adoption doesn’t take so long that we need medicals a third time, but you never know (and at least that’s only $40.)

As much as it hurts that we’ve spent $5000 since December, I am so pleased that we already have all those fees down! We have enough to cover the payment this week, and hopefully the fingerprints. Then we probably have an 8 week break from payments while our homestudy sits awaiting approval. After that, the bigger payments are coming, so we will need that time to save and fundraise. We have enough for today, and that’s all we need!

Current fundraiser! We are doing an iPad giveaway! Each $10 donation gets you an entry to win an iPad Mini 4 in your choice of colour. Donations can be made to our new gofundme!

Thank you everyone for supporting us in this journey, no matter what that looks like! You are all awesome and I feel like you all encourage me to live bigger and give bigger!






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