What’s Going On

Just an update on where we are at in our adoption process. People ask a lot and often things have not changed since the last talk, such is the nature of adoptions! Here are the sordid details:

Our homestudy is finished and has been waiting for approval with the Ministry for three weeks now! Current wait times are around eight weeks so we still have just over a month to go.

We already did our fingerprints and our taxes so that’s the next two items off the list.

We have two more documents to sign and then our dossier is done! We will probably send them early to our Ontario agency since we have them and legalization takes time. A dossier is what they call all of the documents (including our homestudy) that go into the package that is mailed to Bulgaria. When our homestudy is done it will get sent to our other agency for legalization, then BACK to the Ministry who will review it and forward it to Bulgaria. If you thought the postal system was dead, try adopting.

That’s really all that’s happening! This time our parameters is boy or girl up to 66 months (they like for the age to be specific.) We have a page and a half of acceptable special needs, so we don’t anticipate waiting too long for a waiting child that can be matched with us.

For anyone interested in the finances of adopting, and if you are following along from my last update, here is what we have spent since we finished the homestudy:

Final homestudy fee: $1400

Fingerprinting: $160

Notary fees: $63

Postage: $25

Our next fee will be for the notarization, legalization, and translation of all of our documents. (Notary fees above are only for marriage certificate, etc. Things we only wanted to send copies of.) Unfortunately this fee has gone up from last time. It used to average to $67 per document and this time it is $79. Bummer! We will have to pay just over $1300 for this step.

Courier fees at this step get a little more expensive because we pay for the express post of the documents from us to Ontario (x2 because the homestudy will be sent separately – $50) then to send the package back to the Alberta ministry ($25) and finally for everything to go to Bulgaria (approx $150 – Yes, int’l postage is insane)

Almost at the same time as that $1300 will be our first fee due to the agency in Bulgaria. This fee is 2000 euros, or approx $2890. When you add it all up I feel like we can wait for our homestudy approval because this gives us some time to save more money and to fundraise! I feel a little green :s

Total due in the next 6 weeks: $4415! Yikes!

We have been so absolutely blessed in this process because so far we have not had to add to our debt in order to pay for this adoption! We have been able to save and fundraise all of our fees so far! We will get our tax return in the next few weeks hopefully, so we can eat a big piece of that next fee.

Thank you to everybody who has contributed to our fundraisers so far! Even if it seems small, as you can see a lot of adoption expenses ARE nickels and dimes. If you gave $10 that’s almost half of a courier fee! If you gave $30 that will help pay for a notary fee! It all adds up, THANK YOU!

Right now we are still running our iPad fundraiser from a few weeks ago. We hope to sell the last few tickets and do the draw soon!


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