The Happenings

I should get an award for the worst post titles. I don’t usually have a particular topic so I come up with some real rubbish for that first line!

I took a little unintentional break for the whole month of April, but I’m back now and with lots of material.

Siobhan and I took an impromptu road trip down to North Dakota last weekend to visit another Bulgarian adoptive family! It’s the second time we’ve been to see this friend and I am so thankful for instagram and how it has brought the adoptive community to us. I don’t know if I’ve ever touched on it before, but instagram and facebook are how I’ve found community with our adoption. We are now super lucky to be in Edmonton (#YEG!) where we have my friend and her Bulgarian daughter, but I orginally met them on instagram as well! If you are thinking about adopting but you feel alone, take it to the internet my friends because many of us do not have a face-to-face adoption connection at first, and that’s okay!

Anyways our trip was great! I decided to go on Thursday and left the next morning. It’s a pretty long drive, but I was missing these friends and a road trip is the most economical of getaways!

Lately we’ve been repping adoption pretty hard! Not entirely on purpose, I always want to be but we don’t have that much of a platform. However recently Siobhan was featured as the “cover” for this article in The Mighty. If you follow the link there really is no cover photo, but on social media and their website the link comes up like this:



The Mighty

So proud!

This same set of before and after photos have now also become Reece’s Rainbow marketing material!


That’s us on the top right!

We also just did a show and tell for our adoption agency where we got to bring Siobhan in and talk about our adoption. I would seriously love to do every single one of these so I hope they have us back! I feel like when people are looking into adoption there isn’t enough exposure about waiting kids and there needs to be more! Truthfully I think our agency was hesitant to have us, because for attachment reasons agencies are pretty strong advocates for “as young and as healthy as possible,” but maybe that isn’t everybody’s motivation!

Now for updates on our current process! Our homestudy has finally been approved. Right on the eight week schedule the Ministry promised us. It’s been sent to our Ontario agency and we’ve e-transferred the first half of the next fee. We have a limit so we often have to transfer in pieces. Tomorrow we send the rest. Due to some unfortunate circumstances around our dollar, our fees just got a decent bit higher because the big ones are payable in euros. The average person wouldn’t know, but our dollar is not just flailing against USD (and yes I meant to say FLAILING) but it’s also sucking it up compared to the euro. I’ve watched it climb over the last couple of months from 1.41CAD to now an unfortunate and astonishing 1.51CAD. This means that the 2000 euro payment we though would cost us $2820 will now cost us $3020. The big one of 4,000 euros will now be $6,040 instead of $5,640 (and the list goes on because there’s an additional 2,000 euros and other misc. in country fees that are all variable based on this conversion.) If you are the praying kind, can you pray with us for a better exchange rate?

And now, as much for me as for you, here is an update about our fees:

At this time the first 2,000 euro fee that I mentioned is due before our dossier can go to Bulgaria. Thankfully we have the money for this! This will be paid this week.

Our dossier will go to Bulgaria fairly shortly because we already have our other documents in and legalized. It should be at most one month to be registered. The referral for a waiting child that matches our homestudy will probably take approximately one month. At the time of referral we will pay $2450 +HST ($2744 total) to our Ontario agency.

At the time of referral, should we accept the proposal, we will be issued travel dates. Here is the doozy!! Before we can travel the big 4,000 euro ($6,040 CAD) fee is due.

Then we obviously also have to pay for the actual travel, and we will probably be as lucky as last time and travel short notice in the height of summer. The airlines will laugh as they return ridiculous numbers on our frantic fare searches. I think if we’re lucky we can get flights for $4500 and hotel/apartment for $100 per night (times 10-14 nights) and then meals. Probably another $7,000 but thankfully those can be put on a credit card and we will get 30 days interest free. The fees not so much because they’re cash!

If you’re keeping track, AFTER we’ve paid the first euro fee this week, we still need about $15,784 in the next two months.

I’ve actually never added it up properly before. Not going to lie, prior to this I thought it was about $10,000. Oh. Oh dear.

If you’ve read past posts I am alllll about focusing on the next item. This is super important for my sanity. I hear people say they can’t adopt because they don’t know what would happen if they get to a certain point and the money isn’t there. We are a hair away from being in exactly that situation. You know what? It’s okay. I’m relatively calm. You know why? Mostly because this is what God wants us to do. Before we started this second adoption we had nothing. We didn’t even have our own house. Jason didn’t have a job. Still we felt like this was our path. (Mostly me, Jason doesn’t contemplate the meaning of life as regularly as I do.) I prayed about it and I was tough, “Okay God. If this is what you want us to do then you need to make it happen, because we have nothing to work with.”

Alright then. He showed up. We’ve gotten this far and we’ve always had what we needed next. Isn’t that all we ever need? I’m going to keep you all updated so that you can see how HE shows up! From my full heart, and empty pockets, to you: I love you, and thanks for reading.




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