We’re coming for you!

Finally some movement and some news on the adoption front! Besides a few select people, this is the first place that we are sharing that WE HAVE RECEIVED OUR REFERRAL!

We received the referral yesterday and agreed to proceed this morning. We had the file reviewed by our local adoption doctor (because the government makes us ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and we are comfortable with everything in the file.

A little about Bulgaria, you do not officially accept a proposal until you are in country and have done at least a couple of your visits. We will travel very soon, September 10th to 16th is our assigned trip window, so we will have a day or two on either end in order to make it to the right area. Bulgaria is almost exactly half the world away from here, so it does take some time! It’s a little bit easier if you are assigned to an orphanage in the capital, Sofia, but we are not.

Where are we going? We are headed to Varna! Because we love those east-coast beachside babies! Specifically, we will be staying in Varna and paying visits to an orphanage in the nearby village of Topoli.


You can see just south of Varna is the town of Burgas, which is where Siobhan is from!

We are so excited to travel! We have just finished paying the biggest fees which are due at referral. The one for $2,775 we had paid a few weeks early so that it would be more feasible to get everything paid at referral. We had been told the referral was issued last week, so we paid the $5,400 then. Now we just have to come up with travel costs! I’m sure it seems like we are endlessly fundraising, because it does to me! The good news is that after this we only have $4,000 left in agency fees, second trip to pay for (including visa and in-country fees,) and then to update a few documents! I can’t actually believe we have managed to pay for everything so far. If you have been following my financial updates, you know just HOW MUCH we have spent this year on this adoption. Thank you so much for showing up and supporting so SO many of our fundraisers. God has truly provided for this kiddo. We knew when we said “yes” to adopting again this year that mountains needed to move, and they have!

What’s next for us? Hopefully in the next week we will be able to raise enough money to book our initial travel. In the following two weeks we hope to raise and save enough for our in-country fees and expenses. Before we go we need to update our fingerprints and medicals because they are now too old to use for court after this trip. Remember how we just did all of that? Yeah, expired. Because 6 months is more than enough time to get a chronic illness and a few felony charges.

I hope to update again soon with more details and travel plans! Mama out.

… because its late. And we already have one child. And she still doesn’t eat anything so we have therapy tomorrow. (In case any of you were wondering.)


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