The Happenings

I should get an award for the worst post titles. I don’t usually have a particular topic so I come up with some real rubbish for that first line! I took a little unintentional break for the whole month of April, but I’m back now and with lots of material. Siobhan and I took an … More The Happenings

What’s Going On

Just an update on where we are at in our adoption process. People ask a lot and often things have not changed since the last talk, such is the nature of adoptions! Here are the sordid details: Our homestudy is finished and has been waiting for approval with the Ministry for three weeks now! Current … More What’s Going On

4 Reasons Why Adopting an Older Child is Awesome!

For starters, in the adoption world most people are looking for a child up to age three. When I say “older” child, I mean older than three. I’m specifically going to be talking about preschool/early elementary aged kids because that’s what I have experience with. I’m well aware that in general, this age group is … More 4 Reasons Why Adopting an Older Child is Awesome!