The Nitty Gritty of Adoption Expenses & A New Fundraiser

Okay! Part 2 from yesterday. Last time we adopted I really, super, did NOT keep track. I did not WANT to keep track. Because its owie, and insane, and one day I would like to retire and its against my very nature to ignore that fact right now. So this time! Everything has been slightly … More The Nitty Gritty of Adoption Expenses & A New Fundraiser

Bulgaria take three

Zdravete! (Hello! – the jury is still out on how to spell that anglophone style.) Months ago I happily volunteered to accompany a friend on the first trip of her second adoption. We plotted and schemed and waited and hoped for early in the new year. The travel dates came and were only A WEEK … More Bulgaria take three


I’m sad that I haven’t posted anything in my DIY section in forevsies! I guess it will be home for fundraising projects now. My friend and I have been doing a valentine fundraiser together (loosely together, she definitely took charge and I shut-upped and scissored.) If you’re looking for an adoption fundraiser this has been … More Fundraising

We are crazy people

Ah the crazy Klass life. Its awesome, but we’re nuts. Without further ado: We began our second adoption in December! We had hoped to get some photos done professionally to announce it, but in the end we could use that money for fees, so the trusty old Samsung it was! We are going back to … More We are crazy people